Information and Fees
Students must provide a valid identification issued by a government agency e.g. drivers license, birth certificate. No live firing is allowed. Students MUST arrive on time and Full Attendance is required. Course fee: $125.00 Student Manual Fee: $15.00 Examination Fee: $30.00 Total fee: $170.00
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This course is certified by the International National Bow Hunter Education Foundation. It is offered in the U.S.A, Canada and 13 European countries.   This course is compulsory to bow hunt in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and in 14 US states. The course is designed to assist you to understand bowhunting and provide important information for new and existing bowhunters. The course student Manual covers the following:
6. Elevated Stand and Other Bowhunting Techniques 7.   Shot Placement and Recovery Techniques 8. Outdoor Preparedness 9. Field Experience and Blood Trailing
Information and Fees
Bowhunter Education  Manual
1.   Introduction to Bowhunting 2..  Wildlife Conservation 3..  Safe & Responsible Bowhunting 4.   Know Your Bow and Arrow 5.. Preparation Before the Hunt
Emad is an avid bow hunter and covers must know information for new and exisiting bow hunters.  He brings more than 15 years of bowhunting experience to the classroom. Students will receive a certificate upon completing the course and passing the exam.