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Emad Hazboun has been a passionate hunter for more than 20 years.  He is a dedicated hunter and pays attention to details.  Hunting has been an important part of his life and it has a deep meaning in his heart.  His dedication led him to improve his knowledge and learn more about the animals he hunts.  He believes the more knowledgeable hunters are, the better hunters they become.  He is recognized for his knowledge and experience in pursuing whitetail deer using different hunting techniques.       He started studying and researching about Whitetail Deer back in 2001.  He is known for his knowledge in Whitetail Deer Behavior and Biology. His most recent research on " Bucks Scrape Behavior", is the latest in Onatrio.  He studied and presented the most current facts about how Whitetail Deer perceive colors “ DEER VISION”.  Emad has dedicated time and effort to implement researches and studies on Whitetail Deer.
He is a certified instructor for: 1. Ontario Hunter Education Program 2. Advanced Wild Turkey Hunter Education Course 3.        Whitetail Deer Hunter Education Program 4. Canadian Firearms Safety Course 5. Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course 6. National Bowhunter Education Program     Emad is an enthusiastic instructor and enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with his students.  Emad exceeds the courses requirements and covers all "must know information" in his seminars.     He is a known speaker when it comes to whitetail deer hunting.  He conducts presentations at different outdoor events, shows and conferences.  His seminars are very informative and assist hunters to fine tune their hunting technique.        Topics he presents are; deer behaviour, deer vision, deer communication, aging deer on the hoof, deer body language, deer hunting techniques, deer habitat & movements and the effects of manipulation of habitat on deer behaviour.        Emad promotes introducing the youth to hunting and volunteers at Long  Point youth camp. He is a member of different wildlife conservation organizations; Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Quality Deer Management Association,  National Wild Turkey Federation and Ducks Unlimited.
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At the University of Georgia, Whitetail Deer Research Facility
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Emad Hosting 2010 Instructors Conference 2009 Toronto Sportsmen Show, presenting " Deer Vision" Checking deer food plot 2010 Toronto Sportsmen Show, presenting “Bucks Scrape Behaviour Study" Demonstrating to students how to use deer call Supervising Shooting Event At the University of Georgia, Whitetail Deer Research Facility
He is one of a few hunters in Ontario who has mastered stalking whitetail deer with a bow. He is an avid bow hunter and tremendously enjoys game calling.  Bowhunting with a compound bow is Emad's favorite type of hunting.              He prefers hunting whitetail deer and wild turkey; however he enjoys upland game and waterfowl when time permits. \ Emad has more than 20 years of teaching experience. He develops state of the art educational material for all his courses and seminars. It provides graphics; illustrations and animations to assist his audience in understanding the subject being taught.   
2010 Toronto Sportsmen Show
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