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Ontario holds a high standard in delivering the best Hunter Education and Firearms safety courses in North America. The courses provide important information on how to hunt and use firearms safely and legally.             Instructors in Ontario are trained and certified to deliver the courses.  They bring a wealth of knowledge to the classrooms.  Emad is proud to be part of Ontario’s instructors community.
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Ontario Hunter Education Program Advanced Wild Turkey Hunter Education Course Whitetail Deer Hunter Education Program Canadian Firearms Safety Course Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course National Bowhunter Education Program
Emad Hazboun, Instructor       Tel:(519) 317-4132       Email: 
Emad has more than 20 years of teaching experience. He develops state of the art educational material for all his courses and seminars. It provides graphics; illustrations and animations to assist his audience in understanding the subject being taught. He is an enthusiastic instructor and enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with his students.  Emad exceeds the courses requirements and covers all "must know information" in his seminars. His work has been highly rated and recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, RCMP, Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario and the Chief Firearms Office.