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Ontario’s Hunter Education Manual
Students taking the Ontario Hunter Education Program must be must be minimum a 12 years of age. Students must provide identification issued by a government agency e.g. drivers license, birth certificate. For Safety reasons, NO student is permitted to bring any firearm or ammunition to the classroom. Deactivated Firearms and dummy ammunition are provided by the instructor. Students MUST arrive on time and Full Attendance is required. Course fee: $240 (two courses CFSC + OHEP) Examinations Fee: $100 (two exams CFSC + OHEP) Total Fee: $340
Canadian Firearms Safety Course Manual
One Stop Program I
Information and Fees
It combines the Canadian Firearms Safety and Ontario Hunter Education Courses. This course is a good choice to provide you with the ability to get the required licenses to start hunting. Upon successful completion of the courses and examinations, students will be able to:     1. Apply for their Possession and Acquisition license to acquire ( non- restricted firearms). 2. Obtain their class H1 Ontario Outdoors card for hunting. For course descriptions go to: